Thursday, August 03, 2006

Gulf Games 18: Dice Box of Mystery ANSWERS

I posted some Dice Box of Mystery pictures earlier this week - here's the answers.

  • die w/hand grasping token - A TO Z
  • die w/dog & moles who look like they have mop-top haircuts - BUDDEL BANDE
  • multi-colored 10 sided die - CRANIUM HOOPLA
  • long black die w/pink circle - DROPS & CO (it's supposed to be a licorice stick, thematically)
  • die w/cloud & flying carpet guy - FLYING CARPET (duh!)
  • die w/X and what looks like a fraction - FURY OF DRACULA (this one was esp. tricky)
  • die w/bat wing - IN TEUFEL'S KUCHE
  • die w/identical blobs that look vaguely like a fat guy preaching - MYSTERY OF THE ABBEY
  • die w/briefcase, walking person & person holding rope - NIZZA
  • 8-sided die with a not-so-Hidden Mickey - DISNEY SCENE-IT
  • die w/castles & ship - SETTLERS: CITIES & KNIGHTS

Thanks for playing... how'd you do?


Anonymous said...

I found your blog through the 'Library Thing' website where I noticed that you & I share a few books in common. One in particular caught my eye - 'The New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics'. I contributed three articles to this book G C Berkouwer, Aldous Huxley & James McCosh. I wonder if you might be interested in my blogs - &

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Thanks for joining us, Charles... so far, I've found the dictionary very helpful - though it's only been in my library for a couple of months.

Odd that you chose to reply to the Dice Box of Mystery post, though... is there some secret theological connection to dice that I was hitherto unaware of?

Charlie Cameron said...

No secret connection to dice - It was just the first post I found!
My blogs can still be found here and here.