Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vacation Update #1

I'll blog in more detail (well, maybe I will, maybe I won't - you'll just have to check back & see) when we get home... but for now, some highlights of the trip so far:
  • MONDAY - having the pool to ourselves at the hotel... Collin is now jumping off the edge of the pool from a standing position!
  • MONDAY - eating at Luigi's Pizza & Pasta in Red Bluff, CA, for dinner... excellent greasy/gooey pizza & out of this world fried cheese. Shari compared it to Mama's Pizza in Ft Worth, TX, which is a high compliment.
  • TUESDAY - hiking around Lassen Volcanic National Park... best moment (which I didn't see): Braeden slipped on the snow, then knocked Shari Jo down
  • TUESDAY - shopping at the Funagain Games storefront in Ashland, OR. Prices are discounted by 20%, you don't have to pay shipping, and there's no sales tax. Amazingly enough, all we bought was the Haba game INSEL DER SCHMUGGLER (which is a lot of fun)
  • WEDNESDAY - Braeden & I played GlowGolf (indoor golf under black lights) at the Gateway Mall in Eugene.
  • WEDNESDAY - seeing my mom & dad... it's great to be with them
Big plans for today - going down to Dad's shop (Northwest Rods & Restoration) to get the bumper on our Honda Odyssey replaced, picking my sister up from the airport (and taking her to Bath & Bodyworks to replace all the haircare products she had to dump in the Denver airport this morning), and just generally hanging around with family.

Games played so far this vacation: Insel der Schmuggler (x2), Pokemon Sorry, Zwergen Ziehen, Cows Can't Dance & Secrets of the Deep.

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