Thursday, August 17, 2006

Three Geeks... er, Caballeros

This is the first time that Jim (well, now known to the world at large at James) Trerise, Keith Monaghan & I have been together since the late 80's. What a wild, cool surprise it was to have Jim (er, James!) answer the door at Keith's place.

I'm the guy on the left in gamer gear (my Heroscape t-shirt)... and I'm actually much shorter than the other two guys. Shari was just kind in the angle she chose for the picture. James (ha! got it right) is in the middle, looking all professorial (he teaches English here in Oregon.) Keith is on the right - he's been grey-haired since he was in his mid-20's, but that didn't stop him from being cool & attracting lovely young women. (He finally hooked Melissa, his lovely wife, in the early 90's... I had the privilege of officiating at their wedding.)

Of course, no matter how good we look now, it's humorous to realize that in high school, we were not only into RPG's & boardgames (Jim & I played many games of Wooden Ships & Iron Men and Rise & Decline of the 3rd Reich), but we were also in theater (we all three were in You Can't Take It With You together - Jim was the grandfather, I was the dad, & Keith was the loopy guy who printed anarchist statements and put them into candy boxes)... and we all loved to read books. It's a miracle any of us ever got a date.


Anonymous said...

I would only add that it's a miracle our wives didn't cough up their breakfasts at our coughing-up of the past. (Of course, they ARE miraculous.) Have fun going back to the Fresno Flock, Mark ("Pastor Mark, will Jesus help me with my acne?"), have fun going back to clients, Keith (I'm going to tell them what you told me about templates and billable hours--that is, unless you get the subliminal message here [Red Tail Ale, Red Tail Ale...]), while I have fun going back to...wait! I'm on sabbatical!

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

You two need to stop talking about beer & actually sit down for a drink.

I'll have a Snapple Apple, please.

Gib: Drinks are on me. What'll you have, my friend?
Fat Guy in Bar: Something light.
Gib: Chablis?
Fat Guy in Bar: No, um... a spritzer.
Gib: Barkeep. Bring this man a trough of spritzer.

Unknown said...

Good to see your smiling faces... Alea forwarded me the link to Mark's blog...

Gigi (Fairchild) Johnson