Monday, September 29, 2008

According To Quantified

The fine folks at Quantified say that this blog reaches over 570 monthly people, of which 399 (70%) are in the U.S. The blog is popular among a very slightly male biased audience.

  • Male (53%)
  • Middle Aged (34% age 18-34, 32% age 35-49)
  • Caucasians - There are more Caucasians here than average. (83%)
  • No Kids - Children Aged 6-17 in Household (68% w/out kids)
  • Less Affluent (21% - $0-$30K Total Household Income, 29% -$30K-$60K Total Household Income)
  • College graduates - There is a high index of College graduates here. (46% - College, 16% - Grad School)

So, we're a bunch of well-educated white guys not making much money. No surprise that "Board Games" is the most popular category, eh?!

OTOH, it could be that all of you are English majors - that would explain the high number of college degrees & the poverty level pay grade.

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