Monday, September 15, 2008

Stray Thoughts

Here... let me round up some stray thoughts for you:
  • Just finished watching the first season of Burn Notice on DVD Saturday night - a reader of this blog described it as "Simon & Simon but w/3 ex-spies". That isn't a perfect description, but it does get the blend of action & smart-aleck-y tone, along with the whole family dynamic.
  • I also watched the premiere episode of Fringe - it's definitely got an X-Files vibe going for it, along with nice production values & some great performances, esp. from the guy playing the (literally) mad scientist.
  • Which reminds me... a couple of years back, Braeden was invited to a birthday party where the entertainment was a "mad scientist" who showed the kids cool science experiments. Before he started, he asked the kids if they had any questions - and the birthday boy piped up: "Why are you angry?" (Wait for it - it'll come to you in a minute.)
  • It's amazing what God can do in spite of my bad attitude - I fought all day with being irritated by every little thing that went wrong at church. And then God obviously worked in our services to draw people to Him. (Be nice to see what it would look/feel like if I had a good attitude & enjoyed it in the moment, eh?)
  • I really want to play Settlers of Catan again... and Carcassonne. Hard to believe that my group plays both of these seldom if ever.
  • Of course, those will both have to wait until I can beat Richard in Pizza Box Football... which may mean I never get to play them.

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elaine said...

I'll play Carc with ya. I haven't played in a long time either.