Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Revenge of the Crackpipe Remote

If you don't get the title, check out this or this or even this.

For those of you who know where I'm headed, here's what I think will be my viewing/taping schedule for the fall:

  • America's Funniest Videos (for Braeden, though I do enjoy a good pratfall myself)
  • The Amazing Race (after taking last season off, I want to try again... as I've really enjoyed this show in previous seasons)
  • Chuck (I'm not sure it will survive a full season, but I do love the "Computer Nerd meets Super Spy" vibe. Shari & I found this show charming last year.)
  • Heroes (all the advance word from ComiCon looks like they figured out how they messed up season 2... and are working to live up to their hype)
  • Fringe (the guy who brought us Alias & Lost takes a shot at doing a X-Files-ish show... I'm in for the opening tonight & then we'll see from there)
  • Pushing Daisies (for those who like their TV watching with a heavy dose of whimsy & magic reality - Shari's favorite new show from last year)
  • Survivor: Gabon (it's back to Africa... and for the first time in forever, no coral reef shots)
  • both Life on Mars & Eleventh Hour look interesting... but I'll probably wait to see how they do
  • Life (one of the few shows where the protaganist's spirituality actually affects the story... granted, he's a "pop Buddhist", but I still find myself intrigued)
  • College football (of course)
Coming This Spring
  • Lost (I'm so hooked - the last season was STUNNING, esp. when you realize they had to ditch 3 episodes)
  • 24 (I've come this far... might as well go all the way - of course, Kim is returning... go, mtn lion, go!)
  • Dollhouse (Joss Whedon = wild creativity & almost certain early cancellation)


Scott Rushing said...

My wife also thought Pushing Daisies was the best new show last year. In fact, Jennifer doesn't watch any tv except maybe reruns of CSI. But she will watch Pushing Daisies. I also found it whimsical and charming.

ironcates said...

Have you given up on Smallville? This season will have Doomsday and Lex and Lana are out. I'm so glad Lana is gone maybe things will improve. I'll miss Lex and his obligatory pouring a scotch every episode but I'm happy Oliver McQueen (Green Arrow) will get more screen time.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Scott - CSI & Pushing Daisies is an - interesting? - pair of shows. (Perhaps not as wild as Gossip Girl & The 700 Club, but you understand what I'm saying.)

Ironcates - I've watched Smallville intermittently... I've got the whole series in my Netflix queue waiting for a "dead time" to go zipping through them.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Eli Stone? I really enjoyed it; it's about a lawyer who has a brain aneurysm and starts getting visions of the future and is trying to figure out if they are from God. I remember an interview with one of the creators before it started last season, saying it was supposed to be a loose modern-day retelling of the story of Elijah.

In the first season the storyline progressed from people thinking he was going absolutely crazy to finding out he had an aneurysm to thinking maybe he was hearing from God because of how his visions would come true.

It's not a "Christian" show -- his mentor is an asian Buddhist-y surfer dude acupuncturist who fakes a stereotypical asian accent because he gets more clients that way -- but it makes a lot of interesting observations on faith in modern society.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

paul - I watched the first few episodes of Eli Stone... but I had trouble sustaining interest. I'm probably not the best audience, as I enjoy detective shows a lot more than "legal" shows like L.A. Law, The Practice or Boston Legal.

William Sears said...

My wife and I enjoyed Chuck, Heroes and Daisies last year. We started to enjoy Reaper, but she lost interested. The British Life on Mars was so good I'm worried what the U.S. will do with it.

I'll put Fringe, Life and Dollhouse on my download list. (Pass the pipe dude.) I need to find season 1 of Lost somewhere.

I'd just put in a plug for Battlestar (last season coming up), and Burn Notice (Simon and Simon, but with 3 ex-spies).

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

I'm gonna finish watching the Fringe season opener tonight - so far, it's well-made but a bit slow. (A fault that Alias & Lost did NOT share with their opening shows.)

I think you can watch Lost on ABC.com - check & see. It's well worth it.

I feel like a bad guy - but I got bogged down in Battlestar (sometime around the appearance of the 2nd battlestar with the severe woman admiral) and just never picked it back up.

I've got the final disc of the 1st season of Burn Notice sitting on top of the TV - "Simon & Simon, but with spies" is a PERFECT description of the show.