Tuesday, September 23, 2008


If you love Heroes but haven't watched last night's season premiere, you need to stop reading NOW. If you don't care about Heroes, you've already stopped reading.

What follows is my quick & dirty reaction to the beginning of volume 3:
  • They should NOT have shown Malcolm McDowell in the pre-show... took a bit away from his appearance later in the show.
  • I really liked the stuntcasting of William Katt (The Greatest American Hero).
  • In the words of Chandler Bing, "Could Mohinder BE any more of an idiot?" (Dr. Suresh wins the award for "Character Most Likely To Get Whiplash From How The Writers Keep Using Him To Steer The Mythology Around".)
  • Sylar is still truly creepy - and with the added power boost (talk about your "don't eat snacks while watching" kind of scene) is frightening at a whole new level.
  • Not Hiro's brightest moment - but Daphne is a great new character.
  • Mama Petrelli is a very bad woman. Bad. (Watched the Season 1 opener with my wife after the Season 3 premiere - she wanted to see where it started - and even Mama's shoplifting takes on a sinister tint in light of what's happened... I figure she was just doing it to push Nathan into Linderman's arms.)
  • In the "I'm not dead yet" dept.: we've got one villain inside somebody's head (maybe?!), Claire unable to die - ever!, Sylar - the same, Adam/Takezo in a coffin waiting for his "last wife" (see the online graphic novels), Nikki/Jessica/L.A. party girl/Tracy - now w/the ability to freeze-dry veggies & other stuff... now, what's gonna happen to D.L. or to Bob?
  • In the "where are they?" dept: where's Claude (the invisible man), Micah, Molly (whose power is really cool if she was given a decent storyline), the Haitian & Lyle? (OK, I don't really care about Lyle.)
  • Most exciting plotlines: Elle on her own, Hiro chasing Daphne w/Ando, Present Peter (aka Weevil) and the Level 5 gang, HRG & Sylar as partners?! (hinted at in the previews)
  • Plotlines most likely to irritate me: Mohinder the Fly, Maya & her whining, Mohinder & Maya together, Parkman's spiritwalk


Anonymous said...

Sylar's the son of Mama Petrelli?

Peter in the body of that villain?

Sounds like a good season to me!

Clay B. said...

I can only assume that Mohinder's personality was affected by his injection.

What did Sylar take from Claire's head?

Is Nathan crazy or does Linderman have some kind of afterlife power?

Mama Petrelli is extremely creepy. In light of her prescient dreams, maybe she has a logical reason for doing some terrible things though. (Not that that necessarily justifies what she does.)

Did we know about Bob's Midas power before?

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

I don't the answer to most of y'all's questions - but, yes, Clay, we saw Bob turn a spoon into gold when he was recruiting Mohinder at the beginning of the first season.