Monday, September 08, 2008

Camping Pix

On Labor Day weekend, we went camping up at Shaver Lake. (To be precise, we were on a group campsite at Camp Edison with 55 of our church folks from NewLife Community Church.) I'll write more about it later (well, maybe - I've promised to write about a lot of things) but for now here's some pictures of the trip.

Here's my beautiful bride, Shari, standing in front of our brand-new 8 person. (For those of you who haven't dealt with tent sizes, it's a little like high fashion: an 8 person tent is comfortable for about 4 people, a 4 person is comfortable for 2, and a 2 person tent is barely big enough for one person unless they are vertically challenged.)

The next morning, you can see Braeden on Collin's air mattress and Collin - yes, that's right - Collin is sleeping on the tent floor.

Later on day two, Collin shows us that (a) he can wear himself completely out, and (b) what he's really good at is getting dirty.

Early on day three (Sunday), Collin shows off his muscles.

That afternoon, we enjoyed riding a Wave Runner, thanks to T. Benzler. (No, Braeden & his buddy, Canaan, did not take it out by themselves. They both rode with Peter & Kelly!)

In fact, here's Kelly & Peter taking Collin out. (Both of the boys LOVED it.)

Finally, a really sweet picture of Braeden on the last morning, sitting up on a rock & thinking to himself. It's hard to get a good picture of Braeden - I got this one with the camera fully zoomed out.

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Dave Vander Ark said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Mark. What a fantastic time you guys had!