Thursday, September 25, 2008

Earth's Last Eden

Since Michelle Corbin was so nice to me over on Facebook & didn't make fun of me for being all giddy-like that Survivor starts a new season tonight, I figured I'd write a bit more about it. (Again, like the Heroes post earlier this week, many of you can stop reading right now, cuz I'm wasting your precious time/bandwidth/whatever with talk of reality TV... I promise more kid games & theology later this week.)
  • The PR folks over at CBS need to dial down the Hyperbole-O-Meter a bit - "Earth's Last Eden" was, according to Genesis, actually the Garden of Eden. This is Gabon, a very pretty country that is happy to have Survivor shooting there so people will think about being eco-tourists.
  • Linda Holmes, blogger/writer/lawyer/funny lady (things what things, Monkey See, The Law in Real Life) has written a delightfully snarky cast preview entitled New Survivor Cast, Eeeeeee! which should be required reading for Survivor fans. (Also required reading: Linda's wonderous recaps of the show from her years at TWOP - Television Without Pity. She recapped Seasons 7-15... go back & read 'em if you're a fan... they're really, really good.)
  • Speaking of TWOP - here's their photo gallery/predictions for who will thrive, survive & some other word that ends in "ive".
  • MSNBC has a photo gallery of the players as well, but they're not nearly as good at the snark. (All hail the snark!)

Let the backstabbing begin!

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