Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Almost Four Years Ago

Collin's birthday is on Sunday. (The 4th birthday of this blog was actually last week - April 1st, to be exact. We'll talk more about that in my annual yet-to-be-published "Best Of" post that I still need to compile.)

Shari likes to look at pictures of the boys from when they were born right around their birthdays... remembering what they were like & how folks reacted to them. She was showing Collin pictures of me & "baby Collin" this morning and asked him why he thought Daddy was so happy.

"Because I came out of your tummy," Collin replied.

Then they were looking at pictures of Braeden & "baby Collin" and Shari commented on how much fun Braeden was having with his new baby brother.

Braeden, listening in on this, said, "It's not as much fun as it used to be."

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Dave Vander Ark said...

Braden: Sooner or later it will be so much fun you won't know how you ever lived without him.

Mark and Shari: congratulations!

Collin: Happy Birthday Bubba!

God bless your whole family.