Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Spiderman Cartoon Theme Song

Just doing my job, people... bringing you the highlights of my field trips through the world of pop culture. Today, thanks to the kind folks at the NPR blog, Monkey See, "Why A 42-Year Old Superhero Cartoon Is Better Than A Pony."

First, of course, the theme song: When its brassy, six-note opening blast gives way to the syncopated drum lick, try to keep from butt-dancing; try.

Then the lyrics kick in, and start going all Socratic Method on you:

Is he strong? Listen, bud: He's got radioactive blood!

Can he swing? From a thread! Take a look overhead!

Sure, it's no "In her satin tights/fighting for your rights," but it is, I think we can all agree, patently groovy.

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