Monday, April 13, 2009

Post #800: Easter

One of our family traditions is that each of the boys gets an Easter basket with some silly Dollar store toys & some serious amounts of candy. (Well, technically, they get their Easter basket filled - they each have one we use each year for this & for egg collecting.)

Here we see Braeden engrossed in one of his basket goodies: a 3D book about space. Very stylish eyeware, son.

Collin's 4th birthday was also Easter Sunday... and we've been celebrating Easter with the Archuleta family since we arrived in Easton. "Miss Amelia" babysat Collin on a weekly basis for a long time and so invited us to bring a birthday cake for him to the family gathering.

The cake is my creation - I took a regular 13x9 chocolate cake, did some careful cutting & built a ramp for the Hot Wheel car. (There's a LOT of icing on that cake - nearly two cakes' worth - in order to hold it all together.)

Collin is blowing out the candles in this picture... and having a wonderful time. Thanks again to Lucky, Amelia, Tina, T, Isaac & Lydia for making us feel such a welcome part of their family.

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