Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Five & Dime 2008: Nickels (5-9 Plays)

Power Grid15.53%12.20%16.38%11.62%
Ticket to Ride13.04%12.20%13.79%17.68%
Stone Age12.42%newnewnew
In the Year of the Dragon11.80%1.52%newnew
6 Nimmt/Take 6/Slide 511.18%6.71%15.52%14.14%
Can't Stop11.18%7.93%4.31%lost data
Settlers of Catan10.56%10.98%12.93%13.64%
Diamant/Incan Gold10.56%10.67%16.38%15.15%
Race for the Galaxy9.94%newnewnew
Tichu9.94%5.79%10.34%lost data
10 Days/Europa Tour9.94%6.40%14.86%4.55%
Lost Cities9.94%13.11%9.48%13.64%
Crokinole9.94%3.05%5.17%lost data
Notre Dame9.94%15.24%newnew
Galaxy Trucker9.94%2.13%newnew
Loopin' Louie8.70%5.79%11.21%2.02%
Liar's Dice8.70%7.93%18.10%10.10%
San Juan8.70%10.37%13.79%18.18%
Transamerica/Europa8.70%7.62%9.48%lost data
No Thanks!/Geschenkt8.07%11.89%13.79%6.57%
Just out of the running: Hanging Gardens, Sorry! Sliders

Power Grid is 3rd?! Wow. Almost as stunning as Agricola being 1st... I'd have expected Race for the Galaxy or Dominion. Of course, now that I think about it, their absence at the top is indicative of their "betcha can't eat just one" nature (as evidenced in their 1-2 finish on the Dime list).

There were a NUMBER of high-profile exits from the nickel list this year: For Sale, Hey! That's My Fish (finally!), Puerto Rico, Bohnanza, Thurn & Taxis, and Ingenious. (BTW, I called the exits of Thurn & Taxis.)

Battlelore appeared for one year... then jumped back off. IF Fantasy Flight starts cranking up the support for the game, it might get back here next year.

I predicted Yspahan would stick around (incorrectly) and that Notre Dame would be gone (also incorrectly.) Notre Dame will be gone by next year - that's a promise.

My predictions about Race for the Galaxy & Agricola were spot on - and if Agricola gets to stick on any list, it'll be this one.

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