Thursday, April 16, 2009

Five & Dime 2008: Wide Angle Lens (Eleven Year Pix)

This is Year Eleven - and that means that these graphs are getting better & better at showing patterns of repeated play.

These graphs cover 2008 (top bar) through 1999 (bottom bar). The bar is the percentage of players reporting who played the game 5+ times in the given year. The games here first appeared on the first Five & Dime list in 1998, though many of them were released before that.

Bohnanza (includes expansions)
Can't Stop
Carabande (includes Pitchcar)
El Grande
Euphrat & Tigris
For Sale
Formula De (includes Formula De Mini & Formula D)
Liar's Dice (includes Perudo)
Metro (includes Iron Horse)
Mu & Mehr
Schnappchen Jagd
Settlers of Catan (includes expansions but not stand-alone "cousins")
Settlers of Catan Card Game
Showmanager (includes Atlantic Star)
Take 6/6 Nimmt/Slide 5
Take It Easy
Through the Desert


ironcates said...

Does Formula De include Formula D the reprint by Asmode? It seems to have fallen off when I'd expect it to increase due to the reprint.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

It includes Formula De Mini & Formula D. I think it may be the fact that the design is "old hat" with better race games (Snow Tails, Powerboats, etc.) gobbling up gamer interest.