Monday, April 13, 2009

My Brute

As if any of us need another time-waster... but here it is: My Brute. (Be warned: clicking on this link makes you my pupil and I will school you with my awesome stick & net fu!)

Thankfully, it's one of those "5 minutes a day" time sinks rather than something like, well, Facebook or a blog.


Chris said...

You stick-fu dominated me:

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Ecnad Tsal's stick-fu is awesome! Tremble in my presence!

Seriously, once you get a pupil or two, go see your pupils doing a workout...

...and know that this is a MLM - when my pupils get stronger, I receive experience as well.

Anonymous said...


Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Deliprofessor... your Bigfoot is scary, but once I put a net on him, the battle was all mine!

Anonymous said...

Lets help each other. :D Pupil me and I'll pupil you.

Anonymous said...

pupiling back ANYONE who pupils me!

Anonymous said...

Lady Lenna here, BEAR / DOG combination is still nasty at level 11 with 126 HP. A lot of folks are still being taunted when they see the Vitality / Bear / Agi / Cry of the Damned combination. (I just hope it was hypnosis =D)

I'm only having a hard time dealing with Shielded / Armoured type folks with powerful weapons (Stone Axe, Sword, Flail). I'm not invulnerable though, yet not mediocre as well when it comes to winning.

I'm still accepting pupils and yes many of them are successful by levels 2-4. I would also love to see the progress of my other pupils but too bad I wasn't been able to list them. Here are just some: - dog - bear - stoneaxe / dog - dog / agi - hypnosis / vit - dog / speed

If you would want to be trained just sign up, but be sure to RESET AND HIDE YOUR IP ADDRESS to SECURE YOURSELF A PASSWORD FEATURE. (Yes believe me, you don't want to end up like this Free To Play account

Step 1: Reset your router. Turn it off completely by using the Power button.
Step 2: Reconnect to the internet.
Step 3: Go to your brute cellule and right click on the wood where your weapons are displayed.
Step 4: Click on settings.
Step 5: Go to Local Storage (Folder Icon) and slide the pointer so that no information from is stored in your computer.
** Remember that after each pupil that you create, you will have to reset your router again.

I'm also accepting guild members for those interested:

Anonymous said...

I got a bear at lvl 3 if u want a chance to get one pupil me at:

Anonymous said...