Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Five & Dime 2008: Dimes (10+ Played Games)

Game 2008 2007 2006 2005
Race for the Galaxy 49.69% 10.98% new new
Dominion 45.96% new new new
Agricola 38.51% 3.35% new new
Pandemic 30.43% 0.00% new new
Tichu 14.91% 10.98% 12.93% 6.57%
Stone Age 11.80% new new new
Ticket To Ride 10.56% 13.41% 14.66% 26.26%
10 Days/Europa Tour 9.32% 6.71% 11.21% 7.07%
Lost Cities 8.07% 10.37% 9.48% 12.63%
Settlers of Catan 6.83% 7.01% 12.07% 7.07%
Hive 6.83% 6.40% 1.72% 1.72%
Power Grid 6.21% 4.57% 7.76% 8.08%
Diamant/Incan Gold 6.21% 11.28% 11.21% 13.64%
Loopin' Louie 6.21% 7.32% 10.34% 4.55%
Ingenious 6.21% 11.59% 11.21% 14.65%
Mr. Jack 6.21% 3.66% new new
Fairy Tale 6.21% 3.66% 2.59% new
Through the Ages 6.21% 1.83% new new
Crokinole 5.59% 7.93% 8.62% 9.09%
Carcassonne 5.59% 11.59% 6.03% 10.61%
For Sale 5.59% 4.88% 9.48% 15.15%
Kingsburg 4.97% 0.00% new new
No Thanks/Geschenkt 4.97% 10.67% 12.07% 14.65%
Hanging Gardens 4.97% new new new
Ticket to Ride: The Card Game 4.97% new new new
Just out of the running: Category 5, Ra, Sorry! Sliders, Time's Up!, Amun Re, Hacienda, Risk Express.

There are a couple of perennial dimes that are about to give up the ghost: I'll give No Thanks one more year before it falls off the edge... and unless something surprising happens, Crokinole has two years tops before it flicks its way into obscurity.

I predicted Battlelore wouldn't be back w/out the release of the Heroes expansion, though I think I'm the King of Wishful Thinking (shout out to Go West) for hoping Memoir '44 would show up here again.

I also correctly predicted that Notre Dame would drop off. After 11 years of this, it's getting easier to see a trend of "the new cool potential replacement for Puerto Rico" games flaring up here one year & being gone the next. My nominations for "one year dimes" include Stone Age, Hanging Gardens & Ticket to Ride Card Game.

Of the top 4 games, I'm positive that Race for the Galaxy (which I predicted would be #1 on this list, thank you very much) and Dominion will be back here next year. Both are due for expansions and are short enough to encourage lots of plays. Pandemic, also being expanded later this year, should also show up here with less strength. (Pandemic will be on the nickel list without question.) Agricola will probably be the big loser as far as 10+ plays go.


ironcates said...

I predict Space Alert makes a showing here next year. I'm already at 5 plays and I don't even own the game.

I don't have any dimes yet but Race and Dominion are already at five. I'm sure they'll break 10 by August.

Code 777 coming out of retirement has five and the print and play Decktet has the most with 8 plays in 2009. Of course I'll be shocked if those make it on the list.

Frank said...

Next year: Small World will make the Nickels list; maybe the Dimes. Expect Automobile in the Nickels.

jdl said...

Having played Through the Ages 53 times in 2008, I'm still surprised to see that so many played it 10+ times. It's a fantastic game, but I suspected that the length would keep it off of the list.

I'm off to a much more focuessed start this year. My current dimes are:

117 - Go
61 - Race for the Galaxy

Those 117 games of Go are coming at the expense of TTA which I've only played once so far this year. I have the same main opponent for both, and we're really digging into Go right now.