Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#74: Nur Peanuts (Mark's 100 - 2012)

Nur Peanuts

Mark's Ranking
  • 2012: 74th
  • 2010: 91st
  • 2005: did not appear


  • rank: 3421
  • rating: 6.04

Print Status

  • OOP

Why It's On The List

  • It's a 45 minute gambling game with some vague abstracted similarities to Monopoly... and it tends to produce very, very positive reactions from most folks who play it.

Tips & Tricks:

    • The most expensive spaces are not necessarily the best ones to buy... buying low-cost spaces saves money on the purchase AND later when you park your piece there for free.
    • Because of the neutral pawns, the game works really well for 4-6 players... and is even still playable with 3.


    • The name of the game loosely translates as "Chump Change".
    • Here's what I wrote about the game for my 2010 Top 100.

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