Thursday, March 22, 2012

#79: Andromeda (Mark's 100 - 2012)


Mark's Ranking
  • 2012: 79th
  • 2010: did not appear
  • 2005: did not appear


  • rank: 1214
  • rating: 6.40

Print Status

  • OOP

Why It's On The List

  • The trading mechanic is tricky & interesting... and when you add the rummy-ish set collecting to pay for actions, it's even better. However, those who don't like taking chances should avoid this game & the fabled Cosmic Hockey Puck.

Tips & Tricks:

    • Like many Euros, running contrary to the groupthink in this game can be profitable - if everyone is building their tech & ship levels, consider bombing planets for quick points. OTOH, if there's a rush to get planets, hang back & build up your ship and tech.
    • You can't win everything - so stop trying At the same time, don't be in a rush to move pieces back to Earth - leave them there & let your opponent do it for you.


    • I've grown in my appreciation of this game over time - freed from the expectations of being a think-y Eurogame, it's charms are readily apparent.

    1 comment:

    Garry said...

    I thought it was a cosmic ashtray rather than hockey puck. I've been meaning to get this to the table again for a looonnnggg time. Need to try harder.