Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#87: Power Grid: The First Sparks (Mark's 100 - 2012)

Power Grid: The First Sparks

Mark's Ranking
  • 2012: 87th
  • 2010: prior to publication
  • 2005: prior to publication


  • rank: 430
  • rating: 7.20

Print Status

  • in print

Why It's On The List

  • I liked the original Funkenschlag game a lot - but it was crazy long. Power Grid was better graphically & shortened the playing time, but I found myself left cold by the math-y-ness of the whole thing. (No, I don't know why that didn't bother me with Funkenschlag.) So, when Rio Grande published the newest take on the same system that tightened the game up another couple of notches, I fell in love.

Tips & Tricks:

    • The main place you can affect others is on the board - your expansion can cause other players real havoc. It's much tougher to do that in the "auction" than it was in Power Grid.


    • Evidently, the advent of language did not include the development of spelling - the development card is headlined "Speach".

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