Monday, March 12, 2012

Games R Me: Trivial Pursuit

This post was originally written to pump our 40 Days in the Word campaign... I've modified it a bit for my personal blog.

I'm actually pretty good at trivia games - of course, my dad loved to say things like "You can tell me who was King of England in 1590 but you can't remember to take out the trash 5 minutes after I tell you to!" (For the record, Dad was correct - I stunk at doing chores - and it was King James I.)

The same can be true of the Bible - having grown up in church, it's easy for me to tell Bible stories or quote certain verses. I've got all that information stored up in my brain.

But winning a game of Bible Trivia isn't following God - it's the rough equivalent of being the Trekkies who question William Shatner in the classic SNL "Get A Life" sketch . Instead, what we really need as followers of Christ is to go from:
  • people stuffed full of Bible trivia OR
  • people who are scared of how little they know of the Bible


  • people who love God's word
  • people who learn God's word
  • people who live God's word

And that starts not by prepping for your next win in Bible Scattegories (yes, such a game exists) but by reading the Bible to with a heart willing to do what it says and a mind looking for a bigger & better picture of the God who loves us.

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